IDX For WordPress – 8 IDX Questions

IDX for WordPress

Can I Have An IDX Solution On My WordPress Website?

IDX for WordPress is very possible. Using WordPress plugins there are many companies offering IDX solutions. The recommended IDX solution is Showcase IDX which you will see details about below.

What is IDX?

IDX or Internet Data Exchange is the service that allows real estate brokers to show all of the MLS listings on their website.

What is an MLS?

If you’re not already an agent, the MLS or Multiple Listing Service is the service that you, as an agent, would list your properties on. Every state or region have their own MLS’s. In Portland Metro we use the RMLS.

Companies like Zillow will then retrieve all the MLS data from the MLS that real estate agents have uploaded it, using an IDX agreement with the MLS, and then show that information on their website. Anyone can create an IDX agreement with an MLS, there are high fees associated with it however. Zillow purchases the MLS IDX feed from every MLS in the country and compiles all that date through their servers to then serve you, the customer, the information you would like to see.

How can you use an IDX without the exorbitant costs of getting an IDX agreement with your MLS?

There are many companies that are paying your MLS to have access to the date with their own IDX agreements. These companies then provide a service to real estate brokers allowing brokers to feed that data onto their own websites.

Why would a real estate agent want an IDX?

Having all the information on your website allows your friends, family, and other users to find your website and stay on your website to look for homes. Then when they find a home they would like to buy, they might contact you directly. It’s ultimately a service you are providing for your potential customers.

What IDX Solution works best with WordPress?

Showcase IDX is the leading IDX solution for WordPress. They have a 4.35/5 rating with over 1000 installs.

Optima Express with iHomeFinder is another service with over 10k installs however they have a 3/5 star rating.

IMPress for IDX Broker is another service for WordPress and like Optima they have 10K installs and a 3/5 start rating.

The last one is dsIDXpress and they have over 5K installs but they too have a 3/5 star rating.

These are the four major IDX solution companies. Based on the reviews I recommend the Showcase IDX solution for your WordPress website.

Do You Want To Become A Real Estate Agent?

We have created a class on Udemy about the things that you should know before becoming a real estate agent. If you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent, be sure to check out this video to learn more about how real estate works.

Do You Need A Real Estate Website?

If you’re looking for a real estate website, we build real estate websites with or without IDX solutions. Contact us for more details