Sooper Junk SEO

Below is a snapshot of the optimization efforts from Marionberry Marketing for Sooper Junk. Sooper Junk wanted a very simple site without bells and whistles. They want to add bells and whistles later on. They instead bought a one time SEO package with Marionberry Marketing. The one time SEO is a good option when you're just starting out. It will help you get seen but it is not a long term solution. Sooper Junk knows this and plans to upgrade to the monthly SEO package. The information below is our efforts from March and showing what the results are 6 months later in September. 

This is a snapshot from Google showing us our trends of traffic for SooperJunk. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. This is an example of a one time SEO push. If we at Marionberry Marketing do a one push SEO service for you, you will see results slowly gaining over time. There are ways to make this grow at a faster rate with a monthly program through Marionberry.  With our initial push we promoted about 10 keywords which included Portland Junk Removal, Junk Removal Portland, Hillsboro Junk Removal, and others.

Here is a larger chart showing just the impressions. At this time, because we only did a one-time push, the click through rate is low. The click through rate is low because we are generally on page 3-5. It will not be possible to get first page with a one time push for all these keywords but SooperJunk may be able to achieve first page for one or two of the phrases we optimized for over time. The thing is, other people will also be optimizing their websites so you must perform ongoing SEO.

Here we see a list of the phrases. You can see at the bottom of this photo that there are 138 phrases that SooperJunk is showing up on Google with. When we optimize for a small number of phrases, those will grow into multiples because "Portland Junk Removal" is also optimization for "Portland Junk" and Junk Removal."