Adam Cornett

Adam Cornett has 10+ years of web development and real estate marketing. Adam is the 2016 US Tango Champion and has been teaching Argentine tango for 20+ years. In Dec. of 2020 Adam moved back to the US  from China where he was teaching Tango at the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy (the Juliard of China). After coming back Adam decided that he wanted to use his previous real estate marketing knowledge and become a realtor.

After entering into real estate Adam moved quickly right out of the gate to develop a brand, build a website, and start marketing. Within two weeks he has two leads from his marketing efforts and his mentor at the time said “you need to show me how you did that.”  Adam realized that this was his other calling. Too many brokers have no idea how to build a website or market themselves. With Adam’s vast experience in marketing, web development, and real estate, he decided to start this company, Marionberry Marketing.

His goal is to help just a few brokers become more visible online.

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